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Why practice in the summer?

Why practice in the summer? “If you’re only free when things are good, then you’re not really free.” Michael Stone It’s usually when the s#!t really hits the fan that we circle back to the practices that nourish us. When things are good, it’s not top of mind, because let’s face it, when things are… More details

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Age restrictions on practicing hot yoga?

Want to bring your teenager to class with you? Or are you seeking to start a hot yoga practice is beneficial later in life? There are no restrictions on the age of students who practice non-heated yoga. Students of a hot yoga practice must however, be of an age that their body can maintain a safe… More details

Moksha Community Kirtan

Moksha Victoria Community Kirtan

Moksha Yoga Victoria is ecstatic to introduce an evening of call and response to those who wish to explore Bhakti yoga and/or challenge themselves to try something new. Join us for some call and response Sanskrit singing. No experience necessary, no heat 😉 Bring an open mind, an open heart and your voice! Admission by donation…. More details


Moksha Victoria Community Hikes

Join Moksha every month as we take our practice to the out doors! These guided hikes take place in a different fantastic location around Greater Victoria. Get to the know the nature that exists right outside your back door and meet some new people in your community. There’s no charge and all are welcome! There… More details

yoga practice throughout pregnancy

Maintaining a Moksha Yoga Practice Throughout Pregnancy

Maintaining  a Moksha Yoga Practice Throughout Pregnancy If you are looking to get pregnant or are already pregnant, welcome to this page.  The main focus of this post is to guide you, the expectant mother in the safest possible way to maintain a yoga practice throughout your pregnancy.  We ask that before you enter a Moksha class,… More details

Strong Athletes Practice Yoga

Why Strong Athletes Practice Yoga

Why Strong Athletes Practice Yoga? Our schedule has a wide range of classes available to all students, even athletes.  Our most accessible class that is perfect for any athlete is our ‘Moksha Yoga’ class.  If you are looking for a little more, we offer group privates for teams, one-on-one privates for individual athletes and a program called… More details

Yoga Advice for Runners

Yoga Advice for Runners

Yoga Advice for Runners Depending on if you are working with a local running group, Front Runners or MEC to train for your next race; or maybe you are rocking it solo, you most likely have a plan in place.  And it’s about at the 6-8 week mark that you should be taking all these concepts… More details

yoga teacher trainings

So You Wanna take Moksha Yoga Teacher Training

The Moksha/Modo Yoga Teacher Training is truly one of a kind. Whether you’re interested in walking the path to becoming a teacher, or you want to dive deeper into this incredible practice, it can be a life-changing experience to say the least.  All trainings are organized, managed, and guided entirely by Moksha/Modo International, not by… More details

Speak Your Peace - 2015

Speak Your Peace – 2015

  Speak Your Peace – The Global Campaign So what’s this year’s campaign about? When the federal government approved the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline they failed to adequately address the environmental and legal conditions required for approval. This dismissal of process and protocol is a serious concern to Canadians everywhere, and, if left unchallenged, will become… More details