Heather MacLeod

Heather has often been told she is a role model for ‘living large’ as she chases the things that make her feel the most alive. Heather is one of Directors at Moksha Yoga Victoria & Moksha Yoga Westshore which doesn’t come without dedication and the belief that anything is possible if you can dream it. 

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Darci Nyal

Darci is a student, studio owner (Moksha Yoga Westshore), lover of all things community and a really fun yoga teacher.  Having grown up in a Flow based community, talk to Darci about any style of flow and she’ll talk your ear off for ages.  Check out her class here or in the Westshore, or hit… More details

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Cass Onifrichuk

Cass’ yoga journey began during a highly stressful time when moving back to Victoria from Calgary in 2014. Cass had completed her double major and minor programs at UVic and moved to Calgary to pursue a job in the corporate world. After spending 10 months in Calgary, she returned back to Victoria and yearned for… More details


Melissa Nock

Melissa is a nature loving adventurous type of gal. When shes not in the hot room, you’ll probably find her at the beach, in the bush hiking with her dogs or at a concert. Since Melissa completed the 500 hour Moksha level 1 training, shes completed a 200 hour hatha/vinyasa training, advanced vinyasa, trauma sensitive… More details


Pilar Munoz

Pilar is a seeker of truth. She believes that what we desire the most is to see our wholeness and to connect intimately with one another in this world – to see each other fully.  She believes it begins first with yourself. Pilar teaches from a place of curiosity and humor.  You are encouraged and… More details


Tara Heal

Tara Heal has landed in beautiful Victoria straight from NYC and couldn’t be happier! To date, she has amassed over 800 hours of teacher training and will certainly be a student for life. Formal training began in 2008 with Rod Stryker’s Para Yoga Vinyasa Certification (Mary Bruce and Johnna Smith), and has continued with workshops… More details


Kim Marsh

Kim’s journey into yoga began in 2007, after her Grandad passed away. As an eternal optimist, this inspired Kim to begin to live life. Shortly thereafter, she travelled to Europe, started training for a half marathon, and began to practice yoga. Although originally meant to compliment her intense running schedule—yoga eventually became so much more…. More details


Airlie Ogden

Airlie stumbled into her first yoga class in 2007 while living in China. Simply looking for a new way to stay in shape, she found much more – space in her body, a greater capacity for breath and a quieter mind (which is normally as busy as the streets of Shanghai!) After seven years, three… More details


Heidi Fox

As a dancer and singer, Heidi grew up with a keen awareness of the body as an instrument, but it wasn’t until she discovered yoga that her mind/body/soul curiosity emerged.  Heidi took the Moksha Teacher Training in India in 2008, and continues learning with various workshops and trainings, including Frank Jude Boccio’s Mindfulness Teacher Training, and Jennifer Raye’s… More details

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Daphne Patterson

Daphne fell in love with Moksha while she was attending university in Edmonton. She practiced nearly every day in order to balance out the stresses of being a student with a side job. Two years later in 2010, she found herself in India with a bunch of smiling, happy people, completing her Moksha Yoga Teacher… More details