Britt Buntain

Around 10 years old I wanted to be a teacher because I thought there needed to be more leaders who inspire and help others. My mom will tell you a more dramatic story on how I came to that awakening, but thats the gist of it. I was born with rare respiratory problems so I doubted my ability to survive a hot yoga class. What happened instead surprised me: yoga opened me to profound healing, taught me how to breathe, shifted my overall perspective, and intrigued me to dive deeper. I am inspired to guide others because of the lessons and tools I have received from yoga and meditation. I know the therapeutic capacity of this practice. It has revealed insight to my life’s journey and I have found freedom where I was previously stuck.

 I teach a mindful alignment yoga practice by queuing movement linked with breath. In class I will teach you to develop an awareness of subtle refinements and shifts within the postures that work for you. In my experience with this technique, yoga strengthens and opens your body through a mindful, moving meditation.

Teaching with live musicians has created a whole new opportunity for exploration and connection in yoga. There is an incredible emotional component of the practice that is accessible by focusing less on how the practice looks, and more on how it feels. My instruction and flow of the class syncs to the rhythm of music and encourages you to feel good in your body by unlocking tension and stress.

Practicing yoga and meditation has helped to heal my chronic respiratory issues, increase my lung capacity, manage and reduce anxiety, and allowed me to heal from physical and emotional traumas. I am passionate to teach because I find joy in guiding others towards freedom and healing in their life