Elisha Vidalin

Elisha is an avid Bowspring practioner and teacher located in Victoria, BC. She found Bowspring through her amazing teachers Jonathan Boyd and Karin Saarnblom after returning home from yoga teaching travels abroad.

Since finding Bowspring, her practice has been lifted to new heights. Bowspring is bouncy, dynamic, posturally curvy, and brings vitality to your life through functional movement.

Elisha has trained extensively with the founders of Bowspring, Desi Springer and John Friend, here in Victoria, and abroad, and continues to expand and learn through online lessons with Desi. Elisha teaches from an embodied experience perspective, keeping things fun, challenging, creative, and expansive. She strives to remain open and always curious, continually expanding her practice and teachings.

More on Elisha at: www.elishajaneyoga.com