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Evan Jolicoeur

Evan is a passionate activist for social and political change. He spends his time fostering connections between conscious living, maintaining awareness of one’s inner guide and the strength of the collective community. His intention behind practicing and guiding yoga is to create a journey of self-love, healing and empowerment.
Although his introduction to yoga was originally a complement to hockey, it wasn’t until he started practicing with one of his teachers. Dina T., at Moksha Yoga Montreal, that he discovered or re-discovered, his innate ability to use breath and movement through yoga practice – to still the mind, reconnect to his source and to lead an empowered positive life.
His classes integrate mindful sequences with precise alignment, while embracing the natural flow|energy that fosters grounding and inner strength for all. Known for his ability to challenge students to build strength while connecting to breath, Evan creates an environment that encourages slow mindful movement that draws you beyond convenience. Many gratitudes to this teachers and inspirations Dina T., Ryan Leir, Seane Corn, Michael Stone, Jennifer Wilson.
Evan guides classes that will always leave you feeling nurtured, strong, powerful, and connected to source|love|light.