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Why practice in the summer?

Why practice in the summer?

“If you’re only free when things are good, then you’re not really free.” Michael Stone

It’s usually when the s#!t really hits the fan that we circle back to the practices that nourish us. When things are good, it’s not top of mind, because let’s face it, when things are good it doesn’t really occur to us that the “good cycle” is just part of a bigger cycle and it’s not everlasting.
Practice through the good so that when you really need your practice, it’s right there supporting you. Practice in the summer so that when the fall comes, you don’t have to start over again. Practice in the summer so that the extroversion and activities of the summer season doesn’t leave you parched and burnt out. I’ve heard said, “Hot Buddha, cold Buddha, still the Buddha.” Steady is a virtue.
Summer Blessings,

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